The Game

  • Choose your own adventure to earn points! There are many ways to earn points, and have a fun, memorable afternoon so do whichever ones interest you the most.

  • There are clues that are time sensitive, such as those during registration, and other clues may be released later in the game.  Keep an eye out!

  • Each trivia question will lead to a specific location, where you can earn points for the game by taking a photo and and submitting it.  Some will have additional challenges that need to be completed in order to win points.

  • Our team will be approving submissions for points. You will be notified if you submit an incorrect answer, and have the chance to try again.

  • There will be bonus scavenger hunt clues that will be posted by @bostonypa, giving you the opportunity for more points. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and like our Facebook page!