Can I play on my own?  Absolutely. Just buy an individual ticket.

I want to spend the day with friends, but compete individually, can I do that?  Of course.  You just need to all buy individual tickets.

Can I join a team later after buying a ticket? Can we form a team after buying tickets?  Not a problem.  Teams are cemented during Registration.  As long as everyone has a ticket you are good to go. 

My friend doesn’t want to play, just hangout with our team.  Is that okay? This event is so awesome that at some point your friend is going to want to play, or want some of the super cool swag.  We can’t have supplies run out because of unregistered participants so any team playing with someone unregistered will be disqualified.

I bought multiple tickets, do all my friends have to be with me to register day of?  Nope!  Only the person who bought the tickets needs to be there to pick up the wristbands and register your team.  Nominate your most responsible friend for this duty.

Can I join a team after starting the scavenger hunt as an individual?  No one can change teams after starting the game. One person from each team will download our app and create a team name.  Once you start, that's your team. Team's cannot be merged, or split after the game starts.

How many grand prizes are there? There is one grand prize.  It will be awarded to the individual or team with the most points.  Regardless of if an individual wins, a 2 person pair wins, a 3 person group wins, or a 10 person team wins, it's the same prize.  We have tiebreakers ready to go.  Playing as a group doesn't mean you will have better odds, but it could mean you'll have more fun.

How do you decide who wins the Instagram challenges?  Our Board members will be voting, with our director of social media breaking any ties.  Photos will be judged on creativity, image quality, tags and message content, and accuracy of location.

How old do I need to be to play?   You must be over 18 to play.  You must be 21+ to purchase alcohol at the after party.  No exceptions. 

How do I include an item in your swag bags? Email events@bostonypa.com  Let us know who you are, what you want to include, and why our players will love to receive it.

Capacity is limited, event is held rain or shine.  Tickets can be transferred to a different attendee, however no refunds after 6/01/19.